Knowing nothing, excited about everything

cure-tooth-decay-bookWe are paying fortunes to dentists and most of us are terrified to go. I got this book recommended to me: Cure Tooth Decay; by Ramiel Nagel. I bought it yesterday, and I been reading it since.

I always had good teeth never had much problems till a month ago. I had tooth sensitivity turned into visit to a dentist turned out a filling needed to be done 😦 and the bad news: more filling is necessary very soon. How come? I eat well, I exercise, I look after my teeth, I brush, I floss, I do what I can.

The last few years I made radical changes in my diet, I learnt all about raw-, vegetarian-, vegan-, gluten-free- diet, but it turns out I am not saved by them. I learned Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and about Nutrition, but it seems I missed bits and pieces here and there. Now I am letting that  my fanaticism on this subject would slowly fade away.

It seems the next step is a new reform and a new realization. We can’t ever make things final. We can’t ever possibly say “Now I got it. Once and for all. That is it, no more no less. This is the way things has to be done.” The next step in our wisdom states is; when we realize wherever we are, we could start again – no matter how much we have already built – when life presents an urgency for it we have to respond well. Wherever we are we can be a beginner again.

Knowing nothing, excited about everything.


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