Vis Medicatrix Nature

Hippocrates said Vis Medicatrix Nature “Nature’s innate ability to heal”. We all know this, we all noticed on our own body however we ignore our body’s wisdom so many times and follow the newest diet trends. We are gluten free or vegan or on a raw food diet, on a macrobiotic diet, and the list goes on… Did you notice that many of us consume food which our grandmother wouldn’t even recognize? Is this change came with the technological revolution? Are we happier or healthier comparing to our ancestors? I hardly think so.

Here is what I found out over the close to ten years of research on diet.
1. Everyone has a different body, our needs are different.
2. Therefore it is not safe to follow any general advice.
3. Especially if we’ve found out that we are allergic to gluten, lactose or you name it…
my advice is:
1. Do your own research & educate yourself.
2. Write a food diary, where you write down what you eat, and how you feel after. ( I did a diary for over a year, and learnt so much from it!)
3. Think about what kind of diet you have been brought up with. This diet is your foundation, improve this.
4. I believe that all allergy comes from an overload of unrecognizable products we consumed over the last decade or two or three…
5. Go back to the basics.
6. Eat local, seasonal and try to make your own food as often as you can.
7. You might get surprised as you notice your body will heal itself as soon as you take care of it with understanding and kindness.
8. And most of all: Wherever you are, whatever you eat, whoever you are with: Give gratitude for the food you eat.

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