Consciousness Revolution

I am not intending to tell anyone what to think, I only ask questions.

Why are we consuming things which state:”there are not safe for children”? That is the case with many toothpaste. Have a look! They have many ingredients which are poisonous for children. But how about adults? Why do dentists still recommend such things? And why on Earth are we so silly to use such things? How about the sensation, that when you wash your teeth, you loose your taste for about 10 minutes if not more? How permanent this loss in a long run? Maybe slowly we won’t feel food salty/sweet/sour enough..? Maybe because we use so many products in our daily life, starting with our toothpaste but also in our hair, in our skin and so on, that in the end we slowly turn plastic. Not just our body but our expressions and our emotions too. Can we still feel passion toward something? I am not talking about addiction but healthy passion. A drive from inside which helps us to choose well. Helps us to love well.

I have started my debate with raising questions about dental health because the root of all health comes from the mouth.

So try this: make your own toothpaste, use herbs and a carrying oil. Learn new ways of brushing your teeth, like blotting. Learn about oil pulling.

I take responsibility for what I consume from now on. My ultimate measure will be my inner guide “what FEELS right” for me. I’ll trust it and don’t let myself misled by any false advertisement. I  am not sure about many things, but I am not afraid to learn and to grow. I am not afraid to make mistakes either.

I am confidently waking on my own path now! How about you?

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