Two way road

Two choices you have: run away or against. You could either become a coward or a hero in an instant second. Are you able to talk about it with open mind, compassion and honesty? Are you willing to listen with open heart, patience and receptivity? Fight or make peace? Which one is you aim?


What could possibly be a larger gift than being surronded by old friends and new ones? What could possibly be a bigger surprise than knowing that you have opened yourself up to receive new opportunities? What could possibly be a kinder solution to all your problems than noticing all those goodness what your life offers to you?

Self-pity vs improvement of oneself

We all fail at some point in our life. This is a fact. There is no man without a mistake. There is no success without a failure. To make our dreams come true is not an easy, light-hearted journey! Face it: Are you able to laugh and stand up or prefer sobbing and feeling wounded? Are you able to carry on after making a mistake or you prefer to stay stuck and feel miserable? Are you willing to improve your shortcomings or you prefer to stay in the state of self-pity?